What is Offshore Software Development ?

Offshore software development is when a company hires a dedicated software development team and opens a new office called an offshore development centre in another country. They are permanent employees just like your local team, except that they’re based elsewhere.

Why Go Offshore?

  1. Access to Niche Talent.
  2. Lower Operational Cost.
  3. No Administrative Burden.

Software Outsourcing to Sri Lanka

At a time when the world is in a state of paralysis with the spread of the Covid - 19 pandemic, the people of the world have been tempted to engage in many daily human activities via the Internet, giving priority to social distance. So, we are ready to produce your own software in a very short period of time and a very effective cost.

7 Reasons you should Outsource to Sri Lanka?

You can literally pick any location to build an offshore development team. However, some locations are better than others. So, what Sri Lanka can offer you?

  1. Sri Lanka is one of the best IT offshoring destinations in the world. We have experienced developers, with the best training, and the most fluent English-language skills. Given the lower cost of living, setting up offshore software development in Sri Lanka can be a very lucrative option for your business.

  2. With a growth rate of 8% for ICT exports, the IT sector has been one of the most resilient during the Covid-19 pandemic in Sri Lanka. At present there are over 300 Sri Lankan software companies accounting for 90% of Sri Lankan IT export. For many years, Sri Lanka has established itself as a hub for the international IT and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)sector. Trailing the textile and tourism industry, IT/BPO sector accounts for 13.2% of service exports. Sales have passed the 1 US$ billion threshold.

  3. Sri Lanka is the first country in South Asia to trial 5G technology and also the first in commercially launch a 4G - LTE network.

    1. Mobile and Internet Connectivity: 95% Island-wide 4G coverage.
    2. 61.5 Internet users per 100 people (2019) 26.2% growth (2018-2019) .
    3. 5 Mobile operators.
    4. 5 Submarine cables.
    5. Sri Lanka was ranked 8th of 230 countries surveyed for the price of 1GB of mobile data with an average price of $0.51.

  4. Sri Lanka has been awarded the “Offshore Destination of the Year” by National Outsourcing Association (GSA-UK) in 2013 and 2014.

  5. Chamath Palihapitiya, Founder and CEO Social Capital said "Sri Lanka is most literate country in the world, human potential in sri lanka incredible". Sri Lanka literacy rate for 2020 was 92.38%, a 0.13% increase from 2019.

  6. Sri Lanka also ranked number one in UNDP's human development index in South Asia, its 90,000 plus ICT  workforce is projected to grow to 360,000 by 2022.

  7. Sri Lanka's current IT literacy rate is expected to grow to 90% by 2022, and Google's summer of code ranked the premier Sri Lankan technology university, the university of Mortua, first for nine consecutive years.

Why should you choose Era Biz Solution™ ?

Era Biz Solution™ consists of a team of skilled in-house experts who design and develop ground-breaking innovative solutions recognised and trusted by a clientele of local and international companies, bringing Era Biz Solution™ to the global arena within just 10 years of operation. Global partnerships and opportunities such as this drive Era Biz Solution™' s vision to push Sri Lanka’s ICT industry to new heights with the support and thinking of motivated young talent.

Our offshore software development services cover Stand alone, Mobile and Web based application development and testing. Superior infrastructure, state-of-the-art quality management systems, and ultimate information security, allow us to avoid miscalculations and misunderstandings in our client relations.

Era Biz Solution™ has worked with many offshore and nearshore Software Product Development Companies, Sri Lankan Government Institutions and Enterprise Companies to help optimize their outsourcing experience.

  • Why we standard from others
  • Our business model is to provide you cost effective Onsite Consulting followed; by a totally outsourced solution. This model helps us in keeping your developments costs low, while providing world class and quality development support.
  • Our offshore development Team
  • We provide reliable on-demand software teams with diversified domain expertise collectively has many years of experience in managing and delivering complex global outsourcing projects.
  • Key Features
  • - 100% money back guarantee
    - Non - Disclosure Agreements
    - On time Delivery
    - Highly Skilled and fluent English-speaking workforce

You can Hire following staff from us on hourly or full time.

  • Full Stack Developers
  • Java Developers
  • PHP Developers
  • Android Developers
  • IOS Developers
  • .Net Developers
  • Quality Assurance Engineers
  • Block Chain Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysists
  • UI/UX Developers

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